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INSA Lyon is a very large and unique research center which joins education activities, research laboratories, and socio-economic partners. The INSA Lyon scientists contribute to overcome daily the essential societal challenges by combining excellence in research in engineering sciences, as well as at the interfaces between disciplines from the development of innovative and multi-disciplinary approaches.

In addition to fundamental studies, a large part of the INSA research is run in close collaboration with companies and authorities. According to these strong involvements, highly relevant researches are performed for solving societal issues and generate non-conventional scientific questions. From this model based on excellence, innovation perspective, and community involvement, INSA Lyon expends its research activities within five main fields:

  • Digital Society and Information
  • Energy for a Sustainable Development
  • Environment: Natural, Industrial, and Urban Environments
  • Global Health and Bioengineering
  • Transport:  Structures, Infrastructures, and Mobilities

This scientific development is build in sync with the National and European Research areas. The previously reported involvements in societal challenges are completed with the research groups, denoted as AIRs, dedicated to various domains for which INSA Lyon has unique competences, i.e. plasturgy, smart energy home and its environment, or emerging fields such as robotics, synthetic biology, etc. These research networks allow INSA Lyon to design multi-disciplinary projects, collaborative programs, as well as strategic roadmaps to its partners, research agencies and authorities.
The description of the INSA Lyon research ecosystem could be completed with the scientific and technological platforms, the involvement in two Carnot Institutes as well as in numerous ‘Investissements  d’Avenir’ such as LabEx (Laboratoires d’Excellence) and EquipEx (Equipements d’Excellence), Institutes of Excellence in Carbon-Free Energies (IEEDs), etc.
Since many years, INSA Lyon designs specific and professional tools to support researcher-industry partnerships and collaborative projects at their different steps whatever their frameworks: INSAVALOR SA, its subsidiary company for contract management and technology transfer, and INSA Lyon Fundation.
Why you still not go to design or be involved new research projects with INSA Lyon scientists?


Collections of our laboratories

Thematics collections

 LABEX Collections

  • Ampère
  • BF2I : Functional Biology, Insects and Interactions
  • CETHIL : Centre for Energy and Thermal Sciences of Lyon
  • CITI : Centre of Innovation in Telecommunications and Integration of service
  • CREATIS : Centre de Recherche en Acquisition et Traitement d'Images pour la Santé
  • DEEP : Wastes, Water, Environment, Pollutions
  • DISP : Decision and Information Systems for Production systems
  • ELyTMaX : Unité Mixte Internationale (UMI) Engineering Science Lyon – Tohoku for Materials and Systems under Extreme Conditions
  • EVS : Environment City Society
  • GEOMAS : Geomechanics, Materials, Structure
  • ICBMS : Institut de Chimie et de Biochimie Moléculaires et Supramoléculaires
  • ICJ : Institut Camille Jordan
  • IMP : Ingénierie des Matériaux Polymères
  • INL : Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology
  • LaMCoS : Contacts and Structures Mechanics Laboratory
  • LGEF : Laboratoire de Génie Électrique et Ferroélectricité
  • LIRIS : Laboratoire d'Informatique en Images et Systèmes d'Information
  • LMFA : Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory
  • LN2 : Unité Mixte Internationale (UMI) en Nanotechnologies et Nanosystèmes
  • LVA : Laboratory of Vibration and Acoustics
  • MAP : Microbiology, Adaptation and Pathogenesis Lab
  • MATEIS : Materials Science and Engineering



Chairs collections


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